By becoming a member of Tuckinvest, you stand a chance of receiving groceries worth R200 and more in December.

If the member is interested in increasing their year-end grocery value, they may participate in our marketing program of introducing new members to the Stokvel.

Funeral Support

For every new member the representative introduces they will receive an incentive of R75 as compensation.

Level 1

When a member has introduced 5 new members to the Stokvel they qualify for level 1 of funeral support.


R200 is invested in Dlamnkosi Trading Pty Ltd. The member selects an investment package profile of their own choice.

Members will receive 50% interest based on their investment amount and the quantity of the product thereof.


For every new member the representative introduces they’ll will receive an incentive of R75 as compensation.

For reaching Level 1-6 each member will be awarded with the following benefits below:
• Level 1: an amount of R50 will be added to their initial investment.

Capital Elixir

Capital Elixir is a newly formed company within Dlamnkosi Trading (Pty) Ltd which will be a property holding and investment company (“Capital Elixir”), through a subscription for non-voting B Class shares, with defined investment terms and exit provisions.

Capital Elixir will be a ring-fenced company with the function of building a property portfolio comprising a broad spectrum of high potential immovable properties in South Africa,

About Tuckinvest

Tuckinvest is the network division of Dlamnkosi Trading Pty Ltd. Dlamnkosi Trading Pty Ltd Is an organization formed to afford the common person a reasonable lifestyle and Financial Freedom.


True Financial Freedom comes when one has achieved the state of self reliance, Tuckinvest allows this opportunity by giving it’s members a platform of investing on their house hold grocery products which are sold through the Ryte Price, which is Dlamnkosi’s online Grocery store.

How to become a Tuckinvest Stokvel member?

To become a new member you need to contribute a once off amount joining fee of R300

R100 will be used for administration purposes.

R200 will be invested in Dlamnkosi Trading investment package profiles of your choice.

Our Service is Transparent, Fair, And Simple

Please Consult a Tuckinvest Senior Representative for Level 4-6 and above