Capital Elixir

Capital Elixir is a newly formed company within Dlamnkosi Trading (Pty) Ltd which will be a property holding and investment company (“Capital Elixir”), through a subscription for non-voting B Class shares, with defined investment terms and exit provisions. Capital Elixir will be a ringfenced company with the function of building a property portfolio comprising a broad spectrum of high potential immovable properties in South Africa, in order to generate constant and controlled profits for its shareholders. Capital Elixir will also be targeting Legally Registered Multi-Level Markets (MLMS) that will immensely benefit it’s clients.


To Activate Subscribers will be expected to adhere to the instructions below, more information will be entailed in the letter of intent.

Subscription Price and Payment R3600 (Three Thousand Six Hundred)
Payment terms The Subscription Price will be payable in monthly instalments of R60 (Sixty Rand), over a period of 5 year.
Each monthly payment will be by debit order into Capital Elixir’s bank account.
Penalty for late payments Subject to applicable credit and consumer laws, should any monthly payment not be paid on time, Capital Elixir may impose the following penalties:
1) Capital Elixir reserves the right to charge penalty interest at 15% (fifteen percent) per annum on the amount outstanding for the period during which any payment is overdue;
2) Capital Elixir will be granted an option to re-acquire the B Class Shares purchased by the defaulting Initial Subscriber at a discount of 50% of the initial purchase price; and
3) Any legal fees incurred by Capital Elixir shall be for the defaulting Initial Subscriber’s account.
Payments by debit order All payments by debit order are compulsory without exception.
This assists in creating consistency and credibility with the banks. Three debit bounces constitutes default and entitles Capital Elixir to sell the shares at the discounted penalty value.
Initiation Fee Each Initial Subscriber will pay Dlamnkosi Trading (Pty) Ltd an initiation fee of R750 (Seven Hundred and Fifty Rand), which will cover legal expenses incurred relating to the drafting of the Structure Agreements and this amount will be revolved prior the legal expenditure.